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About Virginia’s 17th District

The state Supreme Court approved the Virginia Redistricting Commission’s new district maps in December of 2021. The new 17th District includes Suffolk, Franklin, Isle of Wight County, Southampton County, Brunswick County, Greensville County, Emporia and parts of Dinwiddie County and Portsmouth. With a mix of urban and rural areas, and rich in both natural beauty and history, the 17th District truly embodies the spirit of Virginia. 

District Map

Those of us lucky enough to live here appreciate the District’s mix of natural beauty, history and quality of life. Our thriving economy includes manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, retail and military operations – as well as numerous small businesses. CNN Money recently named the city of Suffolk one of the “100 Best Places to Live” in America. 

I’m delighted to have been a lifelong resident of this amazing District, and look forward to serving you as Senator.

Map of the 17th District