Protecting the Right to Choose

Elderly woman at a pro-choice rally with an "Our Life - Our Decision" sign

It’s ridiculous and dangerous that some legislators think they have the right to tell women what kind of choices they can make about their health. Those decisions are only between women and their doctors. These choices are protected by law here in Virginia, and as your Senator, I will fight to keep it that way.

There is already ample evidence that the severe laws passed in other states are having a terrible impact on women’s health and maternal mortality – a problem that has already affected more Black women at a rate that is three times higher than white women. As Delegate, I supported HB1567, which is a health initiative to evaluate strategies to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates. It makes no sense to go backwards and aggravate a problem that we are already fighting so hard to solve. We must protect the health of our women by protecting their right to choose.