Meet Clinton

The spirit of service is part of everything I do. It will continue to drive my work in the Senate. 

My time in the legislature has been defined by the spirit of service, grounded by my experience helping people in my community. It will continue to drive my work in the Senate.

I want to continue my work advancing issues that affect all of us, including lowering the cost of living, improving education for all, protecting reproductive freedom, reducing gun violence, and defending voting rights and our democracy.

I won re-election to the Assembly in 2021 in a race where turnout was nearly 29% higher than in 2019. In the Assembly, I am a member of the Counties Cities and Towns Committee, the Public Safety Committee and the General Laws Committee.

In the General Assembly, I ensured all Medicaid recipients had access to dental care; carried legislation to support small businesses during the COVID pandemic; and led the push to increase access to vaccinations across Suffolk and Chesapeake. I also supported pay increases for teachers, Commonwealth employees, and State troopers, and increased the minimum wage.

I’m deeply rooted in the community. I was raised in Suffolk, in the heart of the 17th District. I graduated from John F. Kennedy High School, where I played football and tennis, and proudly served my country as a member of the U.S. Army. Upon returning home, I earned my BA at Saint Leo University and pursued graduate studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. My faith is the bedrock of my life, and I’m proud of the ministry opportunities I have had with churches throughout my district. As for employment, I worked at BAE Systems Shipyard in Norfolk, and I’m now a family business owner, as the proud operator of a local real estate company with my daughter.

My wife, Karen, is a licensed family and mental health counselor, and serves on the Suffolk City School Board and on the Board of Directors of the Virginia School Boards Association.

I am truly called to give people a voice and an opportunity to sit at the table when creating legislation that impacts their lives. Let’s continue to work and bring that spirit of service to the Virginia State Senate.

Clinton will focus on bread-and-butter issues
to reduce costs & keep us safe